Fisher Body 21

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The Fisher Body Plant 21 is located in the Piquette Avenue Industrial Historic District in Detroit Michigan. It was designed in 1919 by Albert Kahn for Fisher Body, who manufactured Buick and Cadillac bodies in the plant until 1925. The plant is six stories tall, with an interior area of 536,000 square feet. During the Great Depression, Fisher suspended production and the building was used as a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. The plant was used as an engineering design facility from 1930–1956; during World War II, the factory produced P-80 Lockheed Shooting Star Planes, FG-4 (F4U-4) Corsair Shipboard Fighters, and some assemblies for B-25 Mitchell bombers. After 1956, the plant was used to build Cadillac limousine bodies; GM closed the plant in 1984.After GM left, several paint companies used the building; it closed for good in 1994.

At the time of my visit, ZIGGURAT was still intact in the factory. Ziggurat was a site-specific sculptural installation made from 6,201 wooden floor-blocks by Scott Hocking.

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