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From "History of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley, Ohio" as found at

"The Republic Rubber Company was organized by a group of Youngstown capitalists and chartered February 28, 1901. Its original capital was $400,000, and its officers and directors were H. K. Wick, president; A. E. Adams, vice president ; John Tod, secretary and treasurer ; A. E. Adams, W. Scott Bonnell, C. H. Booth, H. M. Robinson, George Tod, H. K. Wick and John C. Wick.

The company began operations in 1902, occupying a large factory erected on the original site of the works of the American Belting Company in Youngstown. From time to time the capital was increased until it is at present $10,000,000. The products of the concern have been increased and varied until they now consist of pneumatic and solid automobile tires, rubber belting, rubber hose and a complete line of mechanical rubber goods.

The number of men normally employed is about 2,300 and the annual payroll approximately $4,000,000.

The original plant has been extended from time to time until it is now one of the most important factories of its kind in the country. A new building for the manufacture of solid rubber tires was erected in 1907. A large storage building was erected in 1908. The present handsome office structure dates from 1910, and each year since that time has seen the addition of one or more capacious structures made necessary by the growth of the business. The equipment has kept pace with this growth, and the output has been steadily increased, the products of the company now going to all parts of the world.

This company is one of the few industrial establishments in the Mahoning Valley which has erected a special building to be used as a club house by its employees, and this structure, built and equipped in 1913, is a model of its kind.

Closely connected with the Republic Rubber Company is the Republic Rubber Corporation, a holding concern created October 6, 1917, with a capital of $10,000,000 first preferred; $2,500,000 second preferred, and 650,000 shares of common stock without par value. This concern also operates a plant at Canton, Ohio, recently, purchased from the Knight Tire & Rubber Company.

The present officers and directors of the two. companies are practically identical, being as follows: Chairman of the board, William Wilms; president, E. F. Jones; vice presidents, C. H. Booth, L. T. Peterson, H. J. Woodard, C. F. Garrison ; secretary, Arthur L. Irish ; treasurer, H. J. Stambaugh; directors, Robert Bentley, C. H. Booth, T. E. Borton, R. E. Cornelius, H. M. Garlick, John T. Harrington, E. F. Jones, L. T. Peterson, R. C. Steese, John Tod and William Wilms.

The company merged with several companies over the years and nearly came to an end in 1978. Several employees bought out the remains of the business and formed Republic Hose Manufacturing, which lasted until 1989.

It appeared to be under at least partial demolition at the time of my visit but I can't find any information about it's current state.

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