Our Lady of Lourdes

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Built in 1898, at a cost of about $100,000, Our Lady of Lourdes was a French church in a German neighborhood. Originally a parish founded in 1850 consisting of French, German and Irish immigrants, the groups quickly disbanded to form their own individual churches. Constructed of Medina sandstone, the church features elements of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The stained glass windows, among the most beautiful in Buffalo, were made by Fernando Reister of the Buffalo Stained Glass Company. The church was built to hold 750 people, and featured a lack of pillars inside "which are a nuisance in so many churches in the city". (http://gapfel.com/Lourdes/) The interior was remodeled in 1925, replacing the original wooden alter with one of Carrara marble, adding confessionals, and full relief stations of the cross, and...pillars were added! Murals were added in 1930 painted by Italian artist Carlo Antonia Nisita who’s works also grace St. Anne’s church.

Our Lady of Lourdes was closed in 1993, the interior salvaged, and statuary removed to a Hamburg cemetery.

The rectory and school was purchased by Ellicott Development in 2009, and the church purchased in 2010. The school and rectory were demolished in July 2014. Ellicott claims the church will be incorporated in a future mixed use development.

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