As the immigrant population of Buffalo grew, the churches of the city's East, primarily Polish side of the city swelled. In Aug. 1893, the bishop granted permission to form a third parish for the Poles under the tutelage of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. A wooden church which was constructed first was replaced with the current building, built in a red brick gothic style, and completed in 1897.

As the number of parishioners continued to drop, the decision was to close the parish school and send the remaining students to a combined Eastside school. When Father Henry retired in 1990, the Diocesan authorities did not appoint a new pastor but rather selected the Rev. Ron Baginski, the pastor of Holy Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul to serve as the parish administrator. Assessing the situation at the time, the parish community made the decision to close the church building and renovate two classrooms in the vacant school as a chapel for all church services. During this period the Diocese began a program to study the vitality of many parishes on the Eastside of the city. A final report was made recommending the closing of four Eastside churches, including Transfiguration.

The church was in continuous use until dwindling numbers and deterioration of the structure caused its closing in 1991. (

Francis Associates, who purchased the church, finally began work on the building in October 2007 - 14 years later. In a Buffalo News Article, William Trezevant said he expects the roof repair and other stabilization work to be completed in a few weeks. Renovations then will begin on the Eastern European, Gothic-style building. As of June 2012, there has been no progress.

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