Winter in Detroit

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I had made plans with David from Forgotten Detroit to come out and do some exploring during the Super Bowl. However the worst blizzard in Detroit in years hit, so I decided to stay home and made plans for the following weekend instead.

A quick 4 hour drive through Canada brought me to the Motor City. I can't say I grew up in Detroit, but it sometimes feels like it, because all of my family was from the Detroit area, and my parents grew up there. So 20 some years of visiting, I'm somewhat familiar with the area and it's issues. My parents are terrified of the city, and when I had them take me to the Heidelberg Project I'm not sure my mom even got out of the car. When my grandparents died, they were buried in a cemetery downtown, but we had no graveside service because no one wanted to go to that part of the city.

Buffalo has it's share of problems, like all post-industrial Rust Belt cities. It's often compared to Detroit, but even the worst, most abandoned parts of Buffalo don't even come close to Detroit. The problems for these cities seem insurmountable, but it'll be interesting to see what my generation does to try to bring these types of cities back to life.

Anyway. The exploring. My main purpose for going was to see a specific church, and of course, it was inaccessible. Arg. To compensate David took me on an afternoon trip to various other area churches. The first stop was Tried Stone Baptist a former synagogue turned church that closed a few years ago, though the actual date is unclear. A very pretty place, with some interesting religious art. I'm not entirely sure why John the Baptist appears to be Jesus's twin haha.

From there we headed to St Agnes. On a previous trip, David had taken me to St Agnes, however only the school was open at the time. This time, the church appeared to be very well traveled based on the tracks in the snow.

I had found an address on Instagram of a church David had known of, but had never been to, the Abundant Life Christian Center so we checked it out. It had been described as "mind blowing" and I'm not sure what qualifies as mind blowing to this person, but I wouldn't use those words ha. It ended up being more interesting than the initial impression, but it was still pretty small and empty.

And last but not least, as the light was fading we stopped by St David's School before getting pizza at my parent's old favourite Buddy's, and I headed back home. A nice outing for my first of 2015.


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