Time Machine

Date: 11/06/2016 Category: Share: , ,
It felt like I went back in time...I went exploring with my first urbex friend Brian, at the first place he ever took me - a grain elevator. He had recently started attending various Buffalo Tours including Silo City Elevated, and after befriending the guide, he put together a private photographers tour and I jumped on. There was room for 7 but it ended up just being us, the model he was shooting and 2 others who arrived late. The guide was great, understanding that we were shooting, and needed time, instead of rushing us along like on a public tour. We got to go to the top of the American Elevator, which was really great since the elevator is still intact with all the belts and equipment that is missing in all the "abandoned" elevators in the area. We also got to see the top of the malting house (I think), a few other areas up top. I really don't get out much anymore, so it was nice to see something new, and with permission.

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