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So, 2 years since I updated the last version of, what's new?

Silo City in the First Ward has become "a thing" holding several events during the summer, including Boom Days (originally a celebration of the removal of the Ice Boom in Lake Erie), and City of Night - basically a big party outside with various local bands, and different site specific art installations in Marine-A and American Warehouse buildings. Galleries from these events, as well as another area grain elevator that was "new" to me can be found at The First Ward. I donated to a Kickstarter, Silo City Rocks, which is trying to build an indoor rock gym inside Marine-A. They are far far behind schedule, but as far as I know, it's still in the works. Buffalo Kayak had an outpost there one summer, and they hold a "reading series" and weekend flea markets. It's a cool area, and they've really cleaned up Marine-A, it's almost hard to believe.

The Buffalo Psych Center, more commonly referred to now as the Richardson Olmsted Complex, opened for tours finally. In the intervening years I've decided I actually don't like hospitals, they are boring, so finally getting to see it was anti-climactic. I still went 3 times though LOL. Photos at Buffalo Psych

I took my first exploring trip into Canada with help from my friend Sean, who I hadn't seen in a few years. Canada Linseed

Honestly 2010 - 2013 were pretty slow exploring years, only visiting the Ward Pumping Station in 2010! But I've been trying to get back into it. It's hard when I don't have any friends who explore anymore. I ended up meeting a few people on Instagram who explore locally, and I was able to get to a few new places with them. Plus the exchange of information is nice, as part of the reason for the slow down in exploring is just the feeling that I've seen all there is to be seen in Buffalo. And I've roped Jason into going with me haha.

2014 was better, and I did some traveling.

I finally went to Sacred Heart church, a place I've known about for ages, but had this idea in my head that it was actively being worked on. I didn't avoid it in order to avoid getting caught, but I swear someone told me they went and the parishioners asked them to be respectful of the work they were doing and spread the word to other explorers not to visit. So I never did. And it turns out I either made all that up, or they gave up quite quickly. Sacred Heart

My new instagram friends pointed me to Trinity German Baptist Church, and I met up with them for the first time there in the winter. It's a small place, and not incredibly interesting, but it was new! Hooray! Trinity German Baptist Church

We also hit up a high school. Holley High

I revisited Curtiss Wright a few times, including one day when every other intended location was a giant fail. It's easy and my companions hadn't been there before, as they were not explorers before they met me haha. Curtiss Wright

I drove down to Philadelphia to visit my friend Adam, and we had intended to drive up to NYC to the opening day celebration thing at the World's Fair Grounds. However after deliberating about how crappy the experience was going to be, I changed our plans and we just stayed in PA. I stopped by to visit my friend Jenn in Wilkes-Barre on the way home and roped her into exploring with me too, so I was able to hit up 2 Pocono resorts, and a giant factory in Philly. Resorts and Budd. Jenn also went with me to look at the Huber Coal Breaker, under demolition, and it so happens we were there the day before it came down for good (in a rather impressive fashion: youtube). Yeah, we did NOT go in btw.

Jason and I vacationed up in Lake Placid again, so driving across state allowed for us to stop into Sharon Springs, Frontier Town and Tahawus again, 10 years after I first visited with my mom. It was really interesting to see how much these places have changed in the last decade.

Another school showed up on radar, and I took Adam with me when he visited me so we could go to Toronto to see Nine Inch Nails. School. And finally visited yet another church I knew about for ages, as it's been up for tax auction a number of times since I started exploring, I just never went. Of course I never went until the rectory and school were demolished. Our Lady of Lourdes

Finished my exploring year up in September with a visit to a hotel. A hotel that I drive by every. single. day. and have been since 2002, yet never once paid attention to. In fact I don't even know when it went out of business (apparently 2009). It was a pretty standard hotel as far as rooms go, boring, but they had a very photogenic restaurant/bar area and ballroom. Loved it. Fallsside Hotel

Hopefully 2015 brings a bunch more exploring, new places to travel to and things to see.

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