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Date: 01/04/2015 Category: Share: , ,
Here we are, a new Institutional Green. I started redesigning the site a few months ago but had to start over when I was forced to change web servers. So obnoxious.

I've upgraded my methods from coding by hand to using scripts to do it for me, so I'm hoping to keep things updated. I should be able to update galleries right after I'm finished editing my photographs, instead of years later, which is what I have been doing (my last update was from 2012!).

And I'm planning on doing some blogging about my adventures, and lending a personal element to my posts. I've tried to keep the galleries strictly informational, but I often have strong opinions on places, and feel they need their own place outside the site histories.

There may be some kinks to work out still, I use Chrome and most times several images won't load without refreshing pages. :/ Not sure what I can do about that, but hopefully everything is working well and I won't have to do this redesign thing again for a long long time.

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