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The weather seems to have finally broken! Dead grass can be seen, and I can finally get out of my driveway without side swiping my car on snow banks. With weekends off for another 10 weeks while I teach a class, I hooked up with 2 friends and their friend who was visiting from out of town. We had a list of places to visit, some old (to me, not to them) and some new.

First up a hotel. Fail. Disappointing because it has potential for some really nice spaces inside. With no way in we moved on to the next, an old nursing home I had been to twice in 06-07. In a recent conversation with David in Detroit, about being able to see places in good condition and as they fall apart, I couldn't really think of many I had seen in pristine condition. Turns out, this is one of them. My first 2 visits, the hospital was in pretty good condition, with beds still left around in the hallways, a few left over artifacts from the former residents, and mostly clean. Visiting 8 years later, it has suffered quite a lot of damage (although not from vandals, mostly). Peeling paint, falling ceiling tiles, plaster crumbling from walls. Surprisingly, the centerpiece chapel looks mostly the same, and in good shape - just paint chips on the carpet. It was interesting enough for a return visit, but no need to go by again for another 8 years haha. It's a sad case because it is a gorgeous building on the outside, and in a good place for reuse as another hospital type place, or affordable housing. But while it was on the market during my first visits, I don't know it's status now, and time may be running out.

St Anthony's Manor

After the nursing home we headed to a church my friend had found the week before. An extremely intact well taken care of place, with no vandalism, and little water damage. My friend had spoken with the neighbor on her first visit, who apparently claimed a woman had lived in the church for 15 years with no heat or water. She had recently been taken to a mental hospital, and the church sits as she left it. If this is the case, she did very well in the church with no facilities. It was so clean! With a small school attached, also fairly well taken care of and clean, there was little debris or smell that you'd associate with a place someone had been living for that long. Sadly, given it's location, I don't anticipate it staying this way for long.

St Edith's

Following the church we went by a school, which we decided not to try because it would be too dark inside and not worth it, and then past another nursing home I had been to 8 years ago, which wasn't exciting back then, and now was totally trashed. I didn't have much interest, so we parted ways and they went back to check it out.

All in all a nice outing, hopefully first of many as we move out of the deep freeze and into summer.

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