Time Machine

11/06/2016 | 
It felt like I went back in time...I went exploring with my first urbex friend Brian, at the first place he ever took me - a grain elevator. He had recently started attending various Buffalo Tours including Silo City Elevated, and after befriending the guide, he put together a private photographers tour and I jumped on. There was room for 7 but it ended up just being us, the model he was shooting and 2 others who arrived late. The guide was great, understanding that we were shooting, and needed (...)

A year off...

06/10/2016 | 
More or less it's been a year since I did any exploring. Adam visited a month or so ago and we attempted to go to a few new places, but were foiled at every turn. It was really depressing, and I had posted on facebook that I was retiring. At least retiring locally. The hobby has really changed since I first started exploring. The community has changed, from being a fairly friendly one where people shared information, and got together to explore in groups, to one of secrecy and elitism. I (...)

A day out - old and new

04/04/2015 | 
The weather seems to have finally broken! Dead grass can be seen, and I can finally get out of my driveway without side swiping my car on snow banks. With weekends off for another 10 weeks while I teach a class, I hooked up with 2 friends and their friend who was visiting from out of town. We had a list of places to visit, some old (to me, not to them) and some new.

First up a hotel. Fail. Disappointing because it has potential for some really nice spaces inside. With no way in we moved on (...)

Winter in Detroit

02/14/2015 | 
I had made plans with David from Forgotten Detroit to come out and do some exploring during the Super Bowl. However the worst blizzard in Detroit in years hit, so I decided to stay home and made plans for the following weekend instead.

A quick 4 hour drive through Canada brought me to the Motor City. I can't say I grew up in Detroit, but it sometimes feels like it, because all of my family was from the Detroit area, and my parents (...)

The new additions

01/04/2015 | 
So, 2 years since I updated the last version of, what's new?

Silo City in the First Ward has become "a thing" holding several events during the summer, including Boom Days (originally a celebration of the removal of the Ice Boom in Lake Erie), and City of Night - basically a big party outside with various local bands, and different site specific art installations in Marine-A and American Warehouse buildings. Galleries from these events, as well as another area grain elevator that (...)

New and Improved

01/04/2015 | 
Here we are, a new Institutional Green. I started redesigning the site a few months ago but had to start over when I was forced to change web servers. So obnoxious.

I've upgraded my methods from coding by hand to using scripts to do it for me, so I'm hoping to keep things updated. I should be able to update galleries right after I'm finished editing my photographs, instead of years later, which is what I have been doing (my last update was from 2012!).

And I'm planning on doing some (...)