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This church was initially built in 1896 as a German church. The current structure was built to accommodate a growing congregation in 1916. Charles F. Obenhack was hired as architect and Moses & Tyson and the Robert Sinclair Companies were awarded the contracts to build the new Gothic structure, made of Medina limestone, which provided a seating capacity for 375 persons.

Trinity merged with another parish in 1991, and the following congregation was seemingly an Adventist or non-denominational Christian church established in 2002 before it closed at an unknown time.

My friend who stumbled upon it spoke with a neighbor who claimed a woman had owned it and had been living there with no heat or water for 15 years. She was taken to a mental hospital, and the church sits as she left it. The former Reverend, and said woman's husband, seems to have been a bit of a sucker, there was a lot of mail addressed to him claiming he had won various prizes, if only he sent in some fee. The paper snail mail version of the Nigerian Prince spam emails. One of them was a fascinating letter about the Knights Templar, and High Commission of the Sages of Esoteric matters, which would train you in "brain stimulation techniques" to program your brain to accept and cope with wealth, for only $20.

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