St Anthony's Manor

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This Vatican-built nursing home was built in 1902 in north western Pennsylvania. From the beginning the nursing home was plagued with problems. Initially run by Catholic Nuns, over the years the home changed hands as strange occurrences chased people out. An unusual number of deaths occurred during the multi year construction, and all under unusual circumstances - and not your normal construction related accidents. Details are few due to the majority of the home's records being destroyed in a 1913 fire.

The fire, apparently set by a Nun who claimed to have been possessed, took the lives of 33 of the home's elderly residents. The home was rebuilt and reopened in 1915, housing a new set of residents. Strange occurrences continued, with the Catholic community eventually performing a "cleansing" of the building. Many claimed the spirits of the residents who perished in the fire roamed the halls being mischievous. However others claimed to feel an other worldly presence that was not the friendliest. Beginning with the "possessed" nun, many others blamed strange behavior on possession. Claims of abuse by residents led to an inspection of the home, which found a number of various abuse to the residents. The home was shut down in 1936 for a year and a half, before reopening for a 2nd time.

Strange and frightening occurrences, including unsubstantiated claims of ritual-sexual-abuse, continued leading the Catholic Church to close and abandon the home. The Church claims they were quite literally chased out by the demons the building housed. Many believed the demons that plagued St Anthony took up residence in the building after it was named.

The home was bought by a private firm in 1962. They invested $5 million for renovation in 2000, but closed in 2004.

And all of that is a complete lie.

In reality it was a 7 story, 113 bed nursing home which was built in 1914 and closed in 2004.



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