Sattler Theatre

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This 928-seat, $35,000 "fireproof" theatre was built in 1914, on the site of the old wood-frame Casino Theatre, for $35,000. The architect was Henry L. Spann, probably in collaboration with his much-younger brother William T. Spann. John G. Sattler, the local real-estate tycoon and owner of Sattler department store, commissioned it. In 1920 the theatre changed hands, and it was renamed the Broadway. In 1922 the new management installed a Marr & Colton 2-manual organ. Later still the Basil brothers took over and renamed it Basil's Broadway.

The theatre was a Mosque of the Nation of Islam. Records found inside contain attendance lists for Muhammad's Mosque of Islam No 23 dated 1969 and 1970. God's Holy Temple then took it over and leased it to the Joy Temple until 1996.

The theatre was purchased in 2008 by the WNY Minority Media Professionals with the intent of restoring it to a "first of its kind complex for entertainment, arts, and education that will enhance the cultural and economic environment of the City of Buffalo." They planned to pour roughly $1 million into restoring the building, which has been on the city’s demolition list for years. However recent estimates peg the restoration closer to $7 million. In early 2015 the WNYMMP partnered with Carl Paladino and Ellicott Development to spur the project along, with Ellicott acting as project managers in a hope to provide legitimacy to the project and attract funds. After restoration the Sattler will become WNYMMP’s headquarters and performing arts center. More information can be found at their website:



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