Buffalo Malting

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Buffalo Malting, formerly Kreiner Malting, contains 2 - 90 feet elevators, serving an adjacent malting complex. The A elevator, built in 1925, contained 5 bins which provided 100,000 bushels of storage. The B elevator was constructed in 1936 by the Monarch Engineering Company, and provided 180,000 bushels of storage.

William E Kreiner and Sons Inc. was formed in 1878, and incorporated in 1926 to "manufacture, sell, deal...in all grains, malt and related materials" and to operate "elevators, malt houses, mills, and factories." The firm was prominent in the malting industry internationally. The company was dissolved in 1960 and reorganized as a partnership - Kreiner Malt Co. Kreiner closed in 1971 after the death of William Jr, and an attempt to keep the company together by his brother.

The building was owned briefly by Buffalo Malting, incorporated in 1975. The company held the property for 11 years before selling it to local people and the NY state DOT.



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