2300 Jackson Street

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2300 Jackson Street is the childhood home of Michael Jackson, his 2 parents, 3 sisters, and 5 brothers. Yes that is 11 people living in this tiny 2 bedroom house. I've been a MJ fan for ages, so I couldn't pass up the chance to visit the house when I finally made it to Gary to go exploring. It was our first stop of the day. The visit was the week of his first birthday after he died, and while most of the impromptu memorial items people had been leaving the prior 2 months had been removed, and all of the crowds and people trying to sell MJ items had gone, fans still continued to leave items and messages on the property.

Yes Gary might not be a great city, neighborhoods might be dangerous, but visiting the house in the day time was no more dangerous than anywhere else. Neighbors eyed us, but who wouldn't when you suddenly have the most famous building in town across the street from you? At the time, there was a garbage strike and trash was piled up street side through the whole neighborhood, and one of the neighbors asked us if we were reporters and if we could get someone to come get the trash. There is no reason to be scared of visiting the house, the people are just looking out for their area. So reviews on Yelp about it being dangerous can shove it. If you're a fan and you're near by, make the pilgrimage and see the house.

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